Attract bees to your garden


Attract bees to your garden

Wild bees and other pollinators are dwindling, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get your garden buzzing and do you bit for pollination.

1. Diverse planting. Grow a good variety of pollen rich flowers which have a range of flowering periods throughout early spring to late summer. Try to avoid double or multi petalled flowers as pollinators find it difficult to access. Ideally go for different flower shapes as bumblebee species have different length tongues.

2. Plant wildflowers. Native plants have evolved alongside our pollinators and many tend to prefer native wildflowers. They are also easy to grow and can be far more resistant to pests. Some trees and shrubs such as apple and wild cherry are great for bees, as all the flowers are concentrated in one place.

3. Don’t use pesticides. These can kill bees, especially those that contain neonicotinoids, thiacloprid and acetamiprid.

4. Consider a wild area. Weeds such as dandelion are superb bee plants, providing vital pollen early in the season. White and red clover will also attract masses of bees.


Bee friendly plants

Bluebell. Flowers May to September
Foxglove. Flowers June to September
Clover. Flowers May to September
Greater knapweed. Flowers July to September
Honeysuckle. Flowers June to September
Wood anemone. Flowers February to May


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