'nicenstripy' can provide weekly or fortnightly grass cutting services

Whether the quality and finished look of your lawn is important to you or you simply want a tidy looking lawn nicenstripy have the answer. nicenstripy are passionate about lawns and will not only provide you with a reliable weekly or fortnightly service they will make certain that your requirements are not only met but exceeded.


Why choose an annual contract?

Grass cutting on a regular basis will improve not only the appearance of your lawn but also the quality of your grasses. Weather plays an important part in the quality of your grasses and nicenstripy know when your lawn should be cut as short as possible or leave a little longer than usual to compete with rising temperatures. At all times keeping the appearance of your lawn looking as perfect as possible.


5.0 Five Star Garden Maintenance

An extremely nice family firm

Mr Burchett was able to provide a very competitive estimate. He arrived on the specified date and carried out all the works quoted for and cleared up afterwards. He and his colleagues are quiet and hardworking. I would recommend 'nicenstripy' to anyone.


Take the stress out of

grass cutting and let us do the hard work...

Rather than working on a hourly basis nicenstripy will charge a fixed rate for the season for cutting your lawn. That means you pay no more even when your lawn takes us longer to cut due to rapid growth periods or wet weather and we are not charging you when we are drinking tea with you.

Our teams are trained to minimise the inconvenience to you, our customer, by completing the work as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring the nicenstripy quality standards are maintained at all times. Our personnel are carefully selected, trained to nicenstripys standards and provided with the best grass cutting equipment on the market. Few companies or individuals cut lawns to the quality or as quickly of nicenstripy and because of that we are often more cost effective than your traditional hourly paid gardener!

You can pay for our service with cash, cheque, internet payments or make monthly payments by standing order over 12 months (another advantage of a fixed charge). You can stop our service with just two weeks notice should you so wish, so you are not locked into a long term contract. 


Grass Cutting Online Price

Measure My Lawn Online

Want a guideline price to cut your lawn?

Get an indicative price to cut your lawn without even stepping outside to measure your lawn. Don't forget though - we offer so much more than simply grass cutting. We're passionate about offering the full garden maintenance package. Let us keep your garden looking simply amazing all year round.




We want to hear from you. Whether you need your lawn mowing or require a full garden package, we are here to help. Please fill in the enquiry form above, or contact your local franchisee and we will get back to you.


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