Whatever your garden requirements nicenstripy can not only ‘do it’ but can ‘do it’ to a very high standard to your total satisfaction.

The range of different services available sets nicenstripy apart from our competitors, who may try, but not succeed in matching the quality workmanship of nicenstripy personnel.


Why choose an annual contract?

Grass cutting on a regular basis will improve not only the appearance of your lawn but also the quality of your grasses. Weather plays an important part in the quality of your grasses and nicenstripy know when your lawn should be cut as short as possible or leave a little longer than usual to compete with rising temperatures. At all times keeping the appearance of your lawn looking as perfect as possible.


5.0 Five Star Garden Maintenance

Definitely recommend them to anyone

Our garden maintenance was done efficiently and in good time. Paul was friendly and the work was very well done and all the rubbish was removed. And Paul gave advice on maintaining the hedges. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and will use them again. Thank you.



'nicenstripy' are nice people to do business with. What's more, over 68% tell us we are cheaper than hourly paid gardeners!

We will go the extra mile to ensure our customers are not only pleased and totally satisfied with the jobs we perform for them, but have a great experience that no other company can match. That’s probably why nicenstripy customers are also nice people!


Grass Cutting Online Price

Measure My Lawn Online

Want a guideline price to cut your lawn?

Get an indicative price to cut your lawn without even stepping outside to measure your lawn. Don't forget though - we offer so much more than simply grass cutting. We're passionate about offering the full garden maintenance package. Let us keep your garden looking simply amazing all year round.


Other Gardening Services

It's not all

just about grass cutting...

Lawn Treatments

Enhance the quality of your lawn with our bespoke Lawn Care service. This will likely comprise of three or four lawn fertiliser treatments each year together with herbicide treatments depending on the requirements of your lawn. With several packages available our lawn experts will provide you with the advice you need to make your own judgement.

Aeration is a very effective way of reducing thatch and compaction in lawns, which often can cause mossy areas. There are several different types of Aeration machines which nicenstripy use to obtain differing results depending on the requirements of your lawn. nicenstripy operatives will recommend the one most suited to the condition and needs of your lawn.

Scarification is the removal of thatch from a lawn. Thatch naturally forms on a lawn as grasses die, leaves and twigs are dropped by birds etc. etc. However, when thatch gets too dence, it prevents important nutrients such as water, fertiliser and oxygen from getting to the grass roots. The result is grasses die even quicker and weeds and moss tend to take over.

You can tell if your lawn requires scarifying yourself by simply walking on it. If it is soft underfoot, it almost certainly is in need of scarification. Another tell sign is large areas of moss forming. Call nicenstripy and we will confirm your suspicions’ or not, but more importantly offer the advice needed to rectify the problem and even a provide quotation too!

Lawn Replacement

It may surprise you to learn that nicenstripy lay, on average, over 60,000 square metres of turf each year. We utilise the industries leader in quality turf which, although slightly more expensive than others offer, the enhanced quality more than compensates the additional costs.

Hedge Cutting

We carry out hedge cutting throughout the year, taking into consideration of periods when birds maybe nesting. From a simple tidy of the top and sides right through to dramatic hedge reduction. Whatever your requirements are we can do it!

Shrub Pruning

We can prune your roses and shrubs at the correct time of year and more importantly correctly.

Patio and Driveway Cleaning

Either by ‘power-washing’ or ‘soft-washing’ a great result can be anticipated. Your local manager can provide the best advice on the best method to use to maximise the impact on your project, together with a great price too!

Leaf Clearance

At the time of year when your garden can look untidy covered in leaves nicenstripy can carefully remove the leaves from your lawn and bed areas. Simple give us a call and we will provide you with a written assessment and price.

Flower Beds

If your beds are overgrown with weeds or you simply need a head start in the spring months nicenstripy can add soil improver and tackle any problems.


From a panel blown down in the wind, to a new boundary fence or gate, nicenstripy offer a variety of panels and ways of construction.

Garden Tidy-Up

With the busy lives most of us live sometimes a garden may just get out of control and the task of bringing it back under control is daunting. Simply call nicenstripy and ask for us to provide you with a free quotation before any work is undertaken. If you think the price is fair (it always will be!) you can book the works to take place and we will provide you with a fixed date for when we will commence your job. Payment is not requested until you have inspected the tidy-up and are completely satisfied that we have carried out the various tasks involved as per our quotation.

Hard & Soft Landscaping

Whilst this may not be available at all times, in every area, nicenstripy can often carry out whatever you require. We would, however, stress that we do not purport to be garden designers, although with the experience we have can and will offer advice regarding any proposals.

Tree Pruning

Last year we pruned approximately 1,620 Apple Trees during their dormant period over winter. This year their fruit was better than it had been for a number of years, although in general crops have been poor this year. Apple and Pear Trees in particular should be reshaped over winter and a very light prune in summer to maximise the taste and flavour of your fruits.

As usual with nicenstripy it doesn’t stop there, as we prune and trim all types of trees and we do so, so, much more.




We want to hear from you. Whether you need your lawn mowing or require a full garden package, we are here to help. Please fill in the enquiry form above, or contact your local franchisee and we will get back to you.


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