Vulnerable Persons Statement

nicenstripy are one of the leading professional domestic and commercial lawn cutting and garden and grounds maintenance companies in the UK.

However, as a company we recognise that some of our clients with whom we are in contact may be vulnerable and who find it difficult to make an informed decision about the choices offered to them.

For completeness we have used the term “vulnerable client” to describe people who have a diagnosed condition like dementia; those who have an undiagnosed or temporary mental health condition, a recent bereavement, those with learning difficulties or literacy issues, those who are unable to look after their own well-being, property, rights or other interests.

When being invited to quote for our services and we believe that the potential / existing client could be deemed as vulnerable and may not have the capacity to make a voluntary or informed decision about the implications and / or benefits of their purchasing or contractual decisions, then as a business we will act responsibly and take extra care in our dealings to ensure that no unfair advantage is taken.

We would only offer the most appropriate minimum level of service and suggest that their next of kin, legal guardian or if applicable carer to either act on the customer’s behalf and / or explain and assist the customer with a decision. All quotations will be given in writing and fully conform to the current Trading Standard Guide Lines and Consumer Protection Acts.


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