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Things to do this month

1. Lawn Cutting
Continue grass cutting fortnightly, weekly if lawn feeds applied

2. Lawn Feeding
Feed your lawn to help build up it’s strength before winter

3. Wildflower Area
Mow wildflower areas to help scatter seeds

4. Bulbs
Plan where to put next year’s bulbs

5. Deadheading
Continue deadheading on a regular basis

6. Beds
Continue weeding regularly

7. Cuttings
Take cuttings if room to store in greenhouse

8. Lawn Pests
Lawn Chafers or Leatherjackets control with a biological control (nematodes)

9. Ponds
Keep ponds and water features toped up

10. Climbing Roses
Prune climbing roses into shape and tie back branches to generate new growth next season




days are getting shorter...

September is generally a cooler, gustier month than August and the days are noticeably shorter. While there's not as much to do in the ornamental garden at this time of the year, if you have a fruit or vegetable patch, you'll be busy reaping the rewards of harvest. It's also time to get out and start planting spring-flowering bulbs for next year and you can collect seeds for next summer's colour too. Make the most of the remaining warmth while you can!

5.0 Five Star Garden Maintenance

I would definitely recommend them for garden maintenance

The work was done efficiently and in good time. Paul was friendly and the work was very well done and all the rubbish was removed. And Paul gave advice on maintaining the hedges. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and will use them again. Thank you.




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