What is over-seeding?

What Is Over Seeding?


Over-seeding is simply the planting of grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up your lawn or the soil. It’s an easy way to fill in bare spots, improve the density of turf, establish improved grass varieties and enhance your lawn’s colour.

The process of over-seeding a lawn can turn out to be very beneficial both for the appearance and the health of the garden!

With most lawns there comes a point in its life that no matter how many lawn treatments are applied it will eventually become worn out and the overall condition and the quality of the grass deteriorate. Many of the older lawns were originally established with common type turf grasses which are now not suited for the needs of today’s homeowner.

Over-seeding your lawn will:
• Help in-fill damaged or thinned areas.
• Improve the lawn colour.
• Reduce weed and moss invasion.

By introducing new grass seed, we can select the best variety for your lawn which will improve the density and grass quality.

This could be to help withstand disease, drought, shady conditions and heavy foot traffic.

Some of the classic problems which can benefit from over seeding are:
• Poor soil condition
• Improper drainage
• Soil compaction
• Insufficient water
• Poor fertility
• Poor air circulation
• Insufficient sunlight
• Grass varieties not suitable for the area
• General neglect

If you have trouble identifying the problem, ask your local nicenstripy franchisee.

For large lawn areas the best method for over-seeding in established lawns is by using a mechanical slit-seeder which has verticutting blades that cut through the thatch layer and open up a slit or miniature furrow in the soil. The depth of the slit or miniature furrow is based on the type of grass seed used.

By using this method of over-seeding it reduces the need to top dress your lawn and depending on weather conditions and the type of seed used we would expect to see the new grass seed germinating within 7 to 10 days.

The ideal times to over-seed an existing lawn are spring and autumn and your lawn can be fully established in eight weeks or less.

Smaller areas can be over-seeded by hand after preparing the soil.

Over-seeding is also often performed after aeration and scarification which will also be addressing some more serious issues such as heavy moss infestation and or thatch.

A renovated lawn will stay greener, looks thicker and healthier! Your local nicenstripy franchisee branch will only be too happy to discuss how best we can renovate your lawn.


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