Warning - birds nesting!

Warning - Birds Nesting!


Hedges and Trees cannot be cut from April until mid/late June this year due to birds nesting. Due to weather conditions most birds only started nest building during April. Depending upon the weather, that period can start from the end of February and carry on until July some years.

It is important that you do not attempt to cut your hedge during this period as you will almost certainly not be aware of birds nesting, until too late! You can also be very heavily fined if you do attempt to cut either a tree or a hedge with birds nesting.

Accept that like most others you hedge may look a little untidy for a month as it enjoys the spring growth. Once the birds have left their nest you can cut away and tidy everything up. Spring growth is easy to trim as the growth is soft, but any reshaping, if the hedge was not cut last year will be considerably harder to achieve.

Don’t take the risk! Delay cutting until early July, unless you are certain you have no birds nesting.


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