More than just grass cutting

More than just grass cutting


You may not know that at nicenstripy we do more than just grass mowing. Along with all aspects of garden maintenance we also offer soft and hard landscaping services. This can range from asking us to assist with small projects to total garden makeovers.

For one such makeover, we received a request for assistance as the home owner had just had an extension built but sadly the small back garden had become very neglected and so they had decided that at this junction in their lives the garden shouldn’t become a chore and take up all of their time maintaining it and asked us for some design ideas. As they still liked the idea of pottering in the garden and having splashes of colour along with sitting outside enjoying the summer sunshine so we designed a low maintenance garden and planting plan which would fulfil their requirements and more importantly not become a major task maintaining in years to come.

Our design and budget was accepted but before we could commence the re-build the area had to be cleared which was rather challenging as the only access was though a side gate and rather tight passage to the shared parking area. Skips were not permitted on side so all waste had to be barrowed out of the garden into the back of our vans for onwards disposal at the registered waste transfer station.

Once the area was cleared, we installed a soak-away for the downpipe off the extension which the Builders somehow overlooked to complete. A cement based was built for the proposed shed area and paved by reusing the old path and patio slabs.

This was quickly followed by erecting a low level decorative fence and then addressing the garden levels particularly by the extension to ensure that the patio was built below the DPC and conforming to building control regulations and best practices.

A sub base was built followed by a small but useable patio along with cross section paths to the new shed and rear gate. The path widths were calculated and designed so that in future a mobility scooter could be ridden into the garden from the rear gate and stored in the new shed or parked at the side of the patio.

Amour plated power cables were laid and a qualified electrician installed outdoor power points. The flower beds were a mix of raised beds and planters which were build to the clients specifications.

A plumber installed an outside tap for us which we connected up to a very discrete programmable water irrigation system to the flower beds.

Non planting areas were covered with weed membrane and in-filled with clipped stones. We built the garden to our clients requirements on time and on budget and more importantly in time for them to enjoy the whole of the summer without worrying about spending hours tendering to their garden.




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