Make your own compost


Make your own compost

Depending on the size of your garden you can select a number of ways to produce your own compost from as small as a wormery to a number of compost bins that are at various stages of decomposition.

Once built, or purchased, it costs nothing to manage your compost heap and will actually save you cost in purchasing fertilisers for your beds and boarders over the years, as your decompositied compost will go onto your beds and boarders to act as a mulch and improve your soil.

It does not need much of your assistance in decomposting either, as we have a natural creature who will do all the work for you providing you add the correct materials to your compost site. You will not need to add worms to a normal compost area as they will naturally find their way into your compst and commence their work!

The best way to manage your compost is to gradually build it up with layers of different materials. Items such as vegitable peelings, fruit waste, grass cuttings, weeds and general plant pruning make a great layer for producing the moisture content required and nitrogen. Add, newspaper, leaves, card, egg cartons and even egg shells on the next level as these items produce the carbon and fibre requied. As importantly this level will help provide the air pockets needed to help with decomposting. Try to keep everything balanced as too much greenery will make your compost heap to wet whilst too much paper and card will dry your compost out too much.


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