How often should I water my lawn?


How often should I water my lawn?

Now that the weather is improving, we are looking at how often you should water your lawn to maintain that vibrant green colour?

Generally speaking, during the months of June-September - dependent on rainfall - you should water mature turf about once a week. New turf may require watering twice a day for the first week, then 2-3 times a week, then, after 3-6 weeks, once a week.


How to guide

Ensure the roots get sufficient water

Don't overwater otherwise the grass will become suffocated

Water once a week dependent on rainfall

Ideally use a sprinkler system


Your lawn needs water when it’s growing and there should be sufficient water to reach the roots. No water enters the leaves of turf, so wetting the leaves does not help. It’s the roots that absorb the water. Roots on a well-established lawn can reach 150 – 200mm deep and it’s best to water before noon so it will dry out before the evening. It’s not necessarily important how long you water your lawn for but how deep the water penetrates. Wetting the grass alone will do little to support growth.

The best way to determine if your soil is wet enough is to dig or cut a small hole and examine the soil. If the lawn has been properly watered the soil around the roots will be moist. Otherwise, you can use a pointed knife.

Water is essential to the growth of all turf because it carries nutrients to the roots. It is important in the growth of leaves, it causes the leaves to be soft and pliable, and it makes the leaves stand up. Whilst you cannot see it, water is used by the turf plant to cool itself. Improper watering can cause your turf problems.

Applying too much water can cause the soil to become saturated or soggy. If this condition persists for a couple of weeks in cool weather or for only a few days in hot weather, the grass will suffocate. Turf flooded by water cannot breathe, and turf must breathe to live. In addition, when the turf is flooded with water, disease can develop and kill the turf.

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