Patchy lawns

Patchy Lawns

As autumn is now upon us, many of our lawns are looking quite patchy with brown or dead grasses in patches around our lovely green lawns. Whilst there could potentially be a number of different reasons why a lawn has become patchy this year the biggest cause is the weather, which is, unfortunately, out of our control.

There may be other causes, such as grubs which have been quite prolific this season or simply pet or wild animals urinating in certain patches, but the main culprit is without question the weather. The Wettest winter on record was quickly followed by the driest Spring and then we enjoyed some of the highest temperatures during Summer, in the UK, in some years.

Fixing the problem is quite easy, although time consuming and not necessarily inexpensive depending upon the real problem.

A lawn expert from companies such as nicenstripy will usually be able to identify the actual problem and provide guidance, on the cure.

In this article we concentrate how the weather has caused problems in our lawns as this has become the major seasonal issue in this season.

To overcome the problem, the high majority of lawns, will require scarification initially, as the dead patches are only what you can see. Undoubtably, there will be a build up of thatch under the nice green grasses, as without question some will have died since winter and over the season.

Depending upon when the scarification takes place you may want to overseed your entire lawn immediately or wait until next Spring. Selecting the correct seed mix type is also important for the substructure of your soil and your existing lawn type. Again, advice is available from your nicenstripy lawn technician who will have local knowledge because he will already be attending and servicing hundreds of lawns in your area and that local knowledge is quite vital to ensuring the correct advice.

We are told that we should anticipate hot periods of weather in future summers in the UK and therefore watering of your lawn will become an ever growing important task to maintain your lawn is good condition throughout the summer period and avoid the patches that most have now endured.

There are always three questions we are asked;
1) When should we water our lawn
2) How long should I water my lawn
3) How often should I water my lawn

When should I water my lawn is easy to answer as it should be as late as possible in the evening. The reason being is that the temperature should have fallen and there is less chance of scolding the grasses. Morning watering can be accommodated if VERY early, the main reason is that we do not want the water to evaporate into the clouds.

How long to water your lawn is probably the biggest fact in creating the brown patches as most of us do not water long enough! Unfortunately, there is no ‘set’ answer to the question as it does depend on your water pressure. A simple way of ensuring you water correctly is to obtain a tuna can. Place the empty can in the area you wish to water (ideally you will place 3 – 4 cans around the area) and continue to water until all can are full. This ensures that the water is reaching the correct depth to actually benefit your lawn. The most common practice is not to water long enough in one area!

How often to water your lawn does entirely depend on the heat generated by the sun. If you follow the ideal method above, you may only need to repeat the process once or twice a week. With lower temperatures once a fortnight may be enough to maintain a healthy-looking lawn. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, unless we visit your lawn every week there is no exact measured remedy.

If you would like a lawn expert to visit you to offer advice and provide a quotation to carry out the works to improve the appearance of you lawn do not hesitate to call nicenstripy at any time.


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