Companion planting


Companion planting in the garden

I’m sure we’ve all heard of Companion Planting but what is it and how do you start?

Companion Planting can help your crop from being eaten by various inserts and also it helps the environment by not having to use chemicals. The natural display of ‘grow your own’ in boarders, vegetable plots containers etc can be quite colourful and enhance the appearance of your garden. Companion plants are often scented which confuse pests and attract the ‘good’ insects.

Herbs play a major part in companion planting due to strongly scented leaves.

Below is a small sample of plants that will/can grow together and aid each other’s survival.

Brassicas Nasturtium, cabbage white flies will lay their eggs on the nasturtium leaves
Courgette Marigold with their bright coloured flowers will attract pollinating insects
Carrots Sow spring onions or leeks to help repel carrot root fly with the added bonus of the carrots repelling onion fly
Radish Mint helps deter flea beetles
Runner beans Sweet peas will attract pollinating inserts
Tomato’s French Marigold or chives will deter whitefly and aphids
Potatoes Horseradish to increase their resistance to diseases
Squash Nasturtium again

Apple & Pears Parsley to attract the braconid wasp that feeds on the moths that feed on the leaves.
Apricot Chives, garlic, daffodils or nasturtium to help pollinate and the strong onion scents will deter unwanted aphids
Figs Marigold, Lemon balm, mustards to attract pollinating insects and deter unwanted pests
Grape vines Geraniums, chives, oregano attracts pollinating insects
Peppers & Chillies Alliums or basil to aid pollination

Calendula Mint and sage to deter pests
Roses Garlic to deter pests
Sweetpeas Catmint and lavender to aid pollination and deter pests
Wallflowers Garlic to deter pests

Although only a sample of planting companions why not give it a try and even find companions of your own.

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