Can grass be cut in the rain?


Can Grass be Cut in the Rain?


The answer is yes and no!

We have experienced the wettest first 4 months of the year in the UK on record and in some areas the water tables are just an inch or so below the surface, thus making the ground very soft. In these conditions it is unwise to use heavy grass cutting equipment to cut your grass.

Where drainage is good, usually on a sandy substructure, the water table is not so high and it is, usually, therefore, not a problem.

Having said all that grass can be cut in the wet providing the correct equipment is used!

Due to the extreme weather conditions, particularly in March and April this year we have experienced high temperatures and above average rain fall. The result of these extremes is that grass has been growing as a rapid pace.

It is important that you try to keep your grass cut as often as required at this time of year. At present some lawns require cutting twice a week, due to the rapid growth. Most lawns require a cut on a weekly basis.

Due to the weather, a lawn mower is not always the best choice of equipment to use and a grass trimmer may serve you better. Whilst it means that the grass cuttings will be left on the lawn that is not the end of the world. Indeed, leaving the grass cuttings on the lawn will actually benefit the lawn, as the cuttings act as a feed for your lawn, most of which get totally washed into the lawn during rain.

So, grass can be cut in the wet with the modern equipment available today, but utilising the correct equipment is vital to ensure the grasses do not get ruined whilst cutting. Being able to select the correct piece of equipment, on the particular day, is the trick to get thing correct!

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