How accurate is the indicative price?

We have used this tool on 1,000’s of our existing customers across the UK and found that at least 80% of the lawns measured correctly matched their current price charged. Your local franchisee will be able to discuss how the price was calculated.

Why is the price stated as indicative price?

There are many factors which can affect the price of regular mowing such as access, number of visits to be undertaken, if additional equipment is required, the amount of strimming and edging up to name just a few.

Does the price include waste disposal?

Most of our clients prefer to recycle their waste in their own compost facility or by other means. Where possible we do try to include the waste disposal charge within the indicative price but this is subject to site survey as each area has either higher or lower trade waste disposal costs which are set by the local council and hence why some regional variations.

What is regular mowing?

The price given is only an indication of the likely fixed price charged for regular mowing which depending upon your particular lawn, the weather and ground conditions could be weekly or fortnightly. Your local franchisee will be able to discuss the recommended number of visits required.

Would you charge me the same price for just a one off mow?

No, one off requests tend to take longer for us to mow and normally generate greater waste. Your local franchisee will be able to discuss prices for a one off visit.

Can I also receive a quotation for lawn treatments?

Your local franchisee will be able to recommend what treatments your particular lawn would require after completing a site survey. No two lawns are the same and each treatment would be specific to your lawn and addressing any particular issues.

What happens when I click 'Cut My Grass'?

By clicking the Cut My Grass button you are agreeing for your details to be passed on to your local franchisee who will contact you to arrange a free site survey. Should you wish to take this appointment up we will conduct a free full site survey and discuss how best we can help you. After visiting your garden you will be given a detailed quotation. You are under no obligation to accept a site survey.

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