Understanding when to feed your lawn

nicenstripy maintain more than 2,500 domestic lawns each week and our customers often ask how to improve the look and condition of their lawns and what the technical terms we use mean. Lawns are very tough and continue to give us pleasure throughout the year. They do however, deteriorate, without help. Regular lawn cutting, with a sharp blade, is a must, particularly in early spring when rapid growth often ensues.

Spring Lawn Feed.
An early Spring feed gives your lawn a ‘kick start’ for the new growing season. Applied between March and April in most seasons (depending on the weather) it regenerates your grasses to produce a healthy, vibrant green colour. The wet conditions suffered over the last few winters, followed by wetter than average summers, have depleted nutrients in the soil that help provide your lawn with the ‘food’ they enjoy to remain health . . . those nutrients need to be replaced.

Summer Feeds.
At least one summer feed is recommended, depending on the quality of your lawn, substructure and the weather conditions experienced. We use either a granular or liquid form of feed at this time of year, again dependent of the weather conditions. Providing nourishment to your lawn these feeds will also help to provide a denser sward, create a good colour and help in combating weeds. Applied between May – September.

Autumn/Winter Feeds.
If only one feed a year is to be applied this is the one! By far, this is the most important feed of the year. Whilst cosmetically it does little to improve the appearance of your lawn, it is the cod liver oil that your lawn requires as you put it to bed for the winter.

It assists in minimising the reproductive process of moss and helps to strengthen the rooting system of your grasses. By improving the roots of your lawn it also aids in fighting the many potential diseases your lawn may encounter over the winter period. As importantly it encourages side shoots to develop ready for spring. Autumn/Winter Feeds are applied between October – March.

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