Hedge trimming and pruning

Hedges come in many shapes and sizes, and different plants. Typically a hedge needs to be trimmed annually. Reduction in height is often needed, requiring a particular skill to achieve a level finish.

With our hedge cutting and trimming services we not only maintain your gardens appearance, but we remove and dispose of all remains after each hedge cutting job. This ensures that your property and garden is left shapedntidy TM  and just as they should be.

Often hedge cutting and trimming can be a big job and this is why many hedges aren't kept as tidy as they could be and with regular hedge cutting a big difference can be made to the appearance of your garden. For various reasons it might be necessary to remove a hedge if it becomes an obstruction or you are looking to alter the layout of your garden. This hedge maintenance work involves the careful removal of the hedge so as not to cause damage or destruction to surrounding plants and structures, and all work is carried out by our highly trained team of hedge cutting experts.

Our hedge cutting service will add that finishing touch and make a garden look thoroughly well cared for. Hedge trimming is an art. Although it seems like a straightforward task, hedge trimming can have disastrous effects if carried out by an unskilled handler. The temptation is to keep on trimming when really it’s about crafting the shape of the hedge to produce a highly aesthetic end result.

All of our hedge cutting team are fully qualified and we have £5m public liability insurance cover in the unlikely event of an incident happening. All our staff are covered by £10m employers liability insurance; essential to a home-owner employing a tradesman in today’s litigious environment. We always recycle waste from our jobs and hold a waste carrier’s license issued by the Environment Agency. Our staff use environmentally friendly products while on site such as biodegradable oils, bio diesels and low emission power tools.

  • Hedge trimming and reduction to promote healthy growth and keep maintained
  • Hedge reduction and removal wihtout causing damage to surrounding areas
  • Topiary cutting and clipping 
  • Pruning of small trees and shrubs


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