The 'nicenstripy' carencut package

In addition to enjoying the nicenstripy regular lawn cutting service you can also benefit from nicenstripys carencut package, which includes ridding your lawn of weeds and feeding your lawn to provide you with a denser looking lawn.

The standard package consists of a Spring Feed, Summer Feed and Autumn Feed (the most important feed of the year!), which all help in thickening and colouring your lawn.  We also will apply a specialist weed killer to your lawn to kill off the roots of any weeds in your lawn (some lawns may require more than one application depending on the amount and type of weeds).

Most importantly, the package is developed specifically for your lawn.  The ultimate benefit for you is that you can be sure your lawn always looks its best and the envy of your neighbours!

To find out more ask a nicenstripy team member to provide you with advice, quotation and explanation of how you can pay for this service over a twelve month period. 

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