Commercial environment management of car parks, fields and other green spaces

At nicenstripy, we understand the importance of protecting natural beauty, and the difficulties that can arise in doing so. Clearing noxious, invasive weeds and other unwanted growth can be a daunting task, especially as they often take over native plants and grasses and compromise their health and longevity. In addition to this, some unwanted foliage can pose a health risk to humans and animals, so clearing it is crucial.

We strive to fulfil our duty of care and public liability responsibilities, and vegetation clearance is a big part of our commercial gardening services. 

Whether you're looking for improved aesthetics or a safer environment, we will have the solution for you. Our vegetation management team will survey the site and create a bespoke plan, whether you're looking to remove whole areas of vegetation, or simply an invasive species that is getting in the way of native plants or trees.

As members of the Institute of Groundsmanship, you can be assured that our vegetation clearance service will be of the highest quality, while at the same time preserving the health and beauty of the local environment. Our vegetation management services include:

  • Environment management of car parks, fields, and other commercial spaces
  • Clearing of invasive or unwanted species of plants, trees or grasses
  • Controlling of hedges, trees, flowers and lawns
  • Improving the aesthetic beauty of an area through careful vegetation management

vegetation management
weed control survey


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