Commercial irrigation and automatic watering systems

Watering systems are designed to help both the gardener and to conserve water, with some estimates saying that as much as 90% of water can be saved compared to some of the more manual ways of watering. This is achieved by only delivering the specific amount of water needed for each area, giving efficient automatic watering systems.

Here at nicenstripy, we bring you a selection from top brands such as as Hozelock, Claber and Gardena. There are lots of different kinds of irrigation systems, with different purposes in mind. Some are more suitable for greenhouses whilst others may be suited to watering borders, plant boxes, lawns or hedges. Typical items to expect in your watering system include a battery powered timer, pressure regulator, various hoses, drippers, sprayers and all the relevant connectors and brackets to make the system work. Our watering systems are a great way to ensure all of your plants and flowers get just the right amount of water and TLC.

  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Water and pressure spraying irrigation systems
  • General lawn sprinklers and pop-up lawn sprinklers


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