Commercial clearing, including leaf collection and litter picking

Keeping public areas free of litter and organic rubbish like leaves is incredibly important, from an aesthetic, health and safety and environmental point of view. That's why nicenstripy offer a variety of commercial clearance services.

From a heath and safety point of view, leaves and litter can be incredibly dangerous. A build up of leaves can create a hazardous, slippery surface. Likewise, litter can act in the same way and worse, particularly when it's things like broken glass or sharp metal cans.

As well as the human cost, a build up of litter creates massive problems for the local environment. As well as most man-made litter being non-biodegradable, it can create problems for wildlife, as well as pets. It is for this reason that we recommend our comprehensive commercial clearance service.

Keeping the streets, parks, grounds and other areas clean speaks volumes for your organisation or public body, which is why we offer a bespoke grounds clearing service to all our commercial clients. We operate round the year, and already tailor our grounds maintenance services for a variety of commercial organisations. We offer:

  • Leaf clearance and removal
  • Litter picking and disposal

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