How to get rid of daisies in a lawn


Due to the weather conditional this year we have seen an explosion in the number of daisies in our lawns.

Traditionally, we used to dig a daisy up in a lawn to keep a lawn looking prestigious.

The problem always has been getting the whole of the root removed and if you had a few daisies in a lawn (because a daisy is usually joined by others) it would be highly unlikely that the whole of the root would be totally removed in every case.

Daisies spread by seed and roots and birds can often destroy the look of a lawn by bringing seeds with them. If you leave part of the root in the soil when attempting to dig them out you split the root which doubles the problem you had in the first place!

Without question the best method to remove daisies from your lawn is to spray them. Whilst you will not see an immediate effect, the effect in the medium to long term will be considerably better than digging out the daisies.

Do not expect miracles when spraying! Often, in a badly infested lawn you will require two or even three sprays before you completely recover your grasses in your lawn. In addition to spraying the weeds in your lawn your lawn will greatly benefit from a good quality lawn feed. Not a feed and weed product but just a lawn feed, as you will have already used a weed killer on your lawn!

The nice people at nicenstripy can carry out the spraying and lawn feed service for you and you can be sure all the daisies will disappear, and your lawn will be considerably healthier. If you also take advantage of their grass cutting service, either on a weekly or two weekly basis, you can be sure that your lawn will look quite magnificent! You can call nicenstripy on 0800 014 2420 or find out more from their website at


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