How much should I pay a good gardener?

Much depends on what you need a gardener for. If you want somebody to tend to your lawn, correctly, you are certainly looking for somebody with professional qualifications. Indeed, you may want to hire somebody who can also tend to your beds, shrubs, hedges etc. throughout the season.

Most of nicenstripy gardeners already have industry recognised professional qualifications at various levels and they can and do carry out all the above functions and more. Probably the biggest difference when engaging nicenstripy is that you will know the price before any works are carried out as they charge a set fee for the job in question, with no extra’s!

The attitude of nicenstripy is that the customer knows upfront their cost. Working on an hourly rate often means that the hired help will not work as quickly as possible and it costs you more when you make a cup of tea for them. All gardeners enjoy their tea and nicenstripy personnel are no exception, we just don’t feel that, if you make the effort to kindly provide us with tea, that you should pay any extra for doing so.

Generally, we can carry out any works outside your front and back door skilfully and professionally, no matter what the job. We are reliable to!

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