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About us and why we are different!

Our business was founded by an airline pilot who discovered that producing beautiful stripy lawns was the perfect answer to the stress of the cockpit. Eventually the neighbours who were the beneficiaries of his stress release programme encouraged him to make a business of his skills in their gardens, and so the nice and stripy lawns he created provided the trade mark he needed to launch his new business, and ‘nicenstripy’ was born.

From its early beginnings in the mid 1990’s, ‘nicenstripy’ recruited its franchisees and spread out across the country. All new franchisees had in common a previous experience in a trade, service or business and a desire for an independent life outside in the fresh air which provided the satisfaction of giving good service to customers. Careful training and instruction in the ‘nicenstripy’ business model ensured that the high standards set by the founder were guaranteed in all areas.

After ten successful years a new business team elected from their ranks by the franchisees took over the management and ownership of the business. Most of today’s franchisees own shares in the company, and new franchisees can become shareholders once they have qualified. We know of no other business in the UK which offers the benefit of its ownership to franchisees, who care for each other and help develop the skills which enhance our capabilities. All ‘nicenstripy’ people are easily recognised driving their smart liveried vans, wearing a distinguished navy and green uniform. All are fully insured and licensed as required in law.


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