Who are the best value for money gardeners?


Traditional gardeners are renowned for being unreliable but work for somewhere between £10 - £20 per hour, depending on where you live in the UK.

Most people believe that it is probably the cheapest way to have any work in the garden completed on a fairly regular basis, whenever the gardener turns up.

The more professional companies, however, will often carry out the same work in far less time and often to a higher quality. Whilst these companies, such as Jim’s Mowing and Ed’s Gardening may charge around £30.00 an hour they often will be better value for money.

The UK’s longest established gardening company, nicenstripy, take a completely different approach to providing their services! The will assess the workload and make a charge for completing the job you request for a set price. You therefore know exactly how much you are going to pay upfront, with no hidden extra’s!

Nick Hardcastle, who runs the Stansted Branch of nicenstripy said ‘Any gardener who works on an hourly rate will either work slower, if he does not have much other work on his books or rush a job to get it completed as fast as possible as he has loads of other work’.

‘At nicenstripy we believe that we should complete the job as quickly as possible to minimise the inconvenience to our customer, whilst ensuring the work is carried out to the highest standards’.

‘The other major difference between nicenstripy and the majority of its competitors is our reliability factor currently running at 98.2%. Servicing almost 5,000 customers each week, that is some achievement within the gardening industry’, Nick went on to say. ‘We naturally aim for a 100% reliability factor each week and the very high of majority of weeks we do achieve 100% reliability, but unfortunately we do have the UK climate to slow us down a little at times. Naturally, Nick feels nicenstripy offer the best value for money as the customer knows the cost before we start the job!



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