Your income is only restricted by how much effort you put in!

'nicenstripy' has some franchisees who only earn £30,000 a year . . . but are quite happy and content with that type of income, whilst we have others who earn 5 times that.

It’s your business and you run it how you wish. If you don’t want to take on a new National Account customer for whatever reason you don’t need to. If you reach a level of income that satisfies all your needs and are content, then we are happy. 

Conversely, if your desire is to build a business comprising of a number of vans with teams of operatives working for you, as other nicenstripy franchisees have, then there is not only the scope to do so but, also the expertise to guide you to achieving your goals.

The figures opposite are only an indication of what might be achievable in a nicenstripy business. They do not represent any actual figures that you will receive. You must do your own business plan to decide on what you believe is achievable. Please note that some nicenstripy franchisees have not achieved some of the above figures and others have exceeded these figures.



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