Once started as a franchisee, we will help you generate your own business

The marketing of 'nicenstripy' is without doubt, after the existing franchisees, the most important aspect of the nicenstripy success. The team that drive the marketing of nicenstripy have a ‘blue chip’ record of increasing brand awareness for a number of UK franchises and have launched a number of products that have become household names.

We are not only innovative within the gardening industry but also the franchise industry. More importantly, being successful is never enough . . . we want to be more successful. Our marketing evolves from what worked well in the past to how we can improve the results of any given activity.

We have a 'well-oiled' marketing machine that generates leads for our franchises to follow up. Nationwide display advertising, internet pay-per-click campaigns, social media integration and of course organic search engine optimization all generate direct leads which are automatically forwarded to our franchisees.



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