It’s not all about grass cutting

It’s not all about grass cutting


As you would expect that one of the leading gardening companies in the UK we do so much more than just mowing lawns. It goes without saying that we undertake virtually all tasks that will ensure that your garden and lawns are kept neat and tidy.

But when we say grass cutting and more we really do mean more, our clients are important to us and we treat every client with respect and professionalism as you would expect. You may however be surprised to know we do a lot more than your average gardening company.

Yes we are fully licensed, insured and trained to the highest standard. We care about our environment and take great pride in our work. We have waste carriers license, fully compliant with Health and Safety and the wellbeing of our staff.

But besides looking after your garden we do so much more.

During the recent harsh weather we contacted many of our clients to check on their welfare. We know some of our clients have mobility issues and couldn’t venture out in the snow. A quick phone call to check that they were okay and if they needed any shopping or medication picked up.

Our clients trust us and often ask us to recommend other trades people from roofer to plumber and electricians.

Our clients families take comfort in knowing that a familiar face is keeping an eye out on their parents and take the extra time to chat. For some of our clients we are probably only a few people they would encounter on a regular basis and a friendly chat over a cuppa can mean so much.

It’s all part of the nicenstripy service, going above and beyond than just mowing your lawn. It’s those little things that don’t cost money that can make such a difference.We are our proud of our work but even prouder to be of service our our lovely clients.


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